Friday, 4 December 2015

Nasibah Springoaurus

The dinosaur I am writing about today is springosaurs. This dinosaur is named springosaurus because it has springs under its gigantic feet.

It has springs under its feet so that it can jump and attack instead of using their body parts to face their enemies. Once they have finished facing their predators they look for food this dinosaur is a carnivore it eats up to 4000 pounds of meat in one bite that is how huge its mouth is it can also find its desert lollies it eats a lot of lollies when it has finished eating its lunch, breakfast, dinner. 

Springosaurus is that clever that it can hide between the trees in the crunchy dark green forest. This is one of my favorite dinosaur because it is a dinosaur that can act like a human and eat lollies like me.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 at 10.27.27 AM.png

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Nasibah Museum trip

On Friday the 20th of November we went to the museum. As soon as the bell went we rushed to class and sat down in our groups. When we went in the bus the noise grew louder buy maori songs when they finished all the songs were finished they were quite. All of a sudden we were at the museum we got of the bus with excitement we went inside and sat on the mat where one of the staff (Josh) explained what we were going to be doing first what we actually did was morning tea than we moved on and did our activities.  My favorite one was the classroom this is a bit funny we got into groups and we got something to do with dinosaurs we held sniffed and felt that it was a brain and it smelt like chocolate but it was actually triceratops poo ewwwwwwwww……… we were all fired up we we did not want to touch it again.  20151120_130814.jpg20151120_130658.jpg

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


85 million years  ago Tyrannosaurus Rex was a dinosaur from the cretaceous period.
85 million years ago there was a dinosaur that was one of the biggest carnivore that ever existed. It ate 500 pounds of meat and bones in one bite because he had 60 serrated sharp teeth. A t-rex would have a large brain for a dinosaur this would have helped it hunt better Large parts of its brain helped its vision and smell. They look after their babies by feeding them. some people think that tyrannosaurus was not gentle truth is that it was. A tyrannosaurus rex has a good sense of smell it can smell anything in a room or anywhere.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Fraction Fish

Nasibah Athletics

On Friday the 13 November  we had our athletics it was pretty awesome. 

Fortunately the first one  was sprinting, my favorite. When I stood up to sprint I was nervous because I am not good at sprinting when I stood up Mr Burt said “on your marks, get set,” and clapped the clapper we ran of in turbo fast. 

Without realizing was discs I was the second person in the line so I went up and swung it to the wrong side so I went to the back of the line and watched how the others had their turn when it was the turn for the final people it got kind of boring for us waiting there watching.

The only thing I could strive was sprinting.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Nasibah Manaiakalani film festival

Yesterday we went to Sylvia Park hoyts for our film festival.
My favourite one was stay young because it was kind of informative guess what that was made by Rm11 Ms Squiers and Amelia, Chastity , Naomi, Daisy, so a big thanks to them. Here is the link to our movie. Stay young
My second favourite one was The force when they try the new hair gel and it’s a bit like magnet when he says do u want a pencil  he says yes soon he ends up with heaps of pencils. The Force
My third favorite one was the AntBoy because noah is eating and sees ants he swooshes them away to the floor and then he is relaxingly eating. AntBoy
2015 manaiakalani film festival is voted 100/100% of fun at the end when we were coming back to school there was a kind driver that put Justin bieber sorry song on and everybody started singing.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Nasibah immersion assembly

On Monday 12th October we had our term 4 assembly.  As soon as the bell went we all lined up for assembly when we got to the hall we saw our theme for this term.(Survivors)

My favorite team was team 3 because i use to like dinosaurs when i was about 4, i had watched a lot of cartoons that involved dinosaurs.
Anyway three amazing teachers from our class dressed up as dinos there was some other teachers from other classes. My teachers were dressed up as ballerinas sarus (Mrs Stickland) karaka raptor (Ms Squires) musellosarus (Mr Moron showing off his muscles). They were dancing in the forest like they were actually a dinosaur.

2nd favorite was Mr Burt dressed up as a parrot there 4-5 students from pt england school that went to Mr Burt's house whatever the students do there comes the parrot annoying the students so the parrot control came and killed the parrot and had it for K.F.C.

I felt completely exited to learn about dinosaurs i will still want to learn about this next year.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Nasibah weekend writing

On Sunday 20th of September my brother,  my dad and I went on a plane ride.  It went to Waikato and came back to Auckland Air Port. My favorite bit was when the plane started to fly  off. If we wanted to, you could go and see what the cockpit looked like.  The pilots were still seated in there seats. There were millions of buttons.  Two of the air hostess were eating lollies and drinking soda. I felt really exited before i really did not want to come out of the plain.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Nasibah cross country

Last week Monday P.E.S had our school cross country on the Pt England field & reserve.

What we wear during cross country?
There are varied colors Red, Green, Yellow, Blue so the teachers have to chose who is going to be in witch group i was red so i had to wear  red t-shirt but since our uniform is red i had my school uniform.

Team 1 went first then team 2 after team 2 it was team 3 as soon as I stood up my heart was pounding Mr Burt said ’’on your marks get set go!!!’’ when he had clapped the clapper we bursted of with speed. One of the teachers were standing near the cones she said ‘‘watch out for the mud‘‘ some of them had fallen down on the the dark brown mud i had been running the whole way i had really wanted to come 1,2 or 3 but i came 4 out of the year 4 girls. I had being gasping for breath but i know that Pt England never gives up like champions never give up.

I can reach my goals next year by working hard and practicing to run at school and at home hopefully i can come 1,2,3.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wants and need

David fireman

Fireman David
On Friday 4 September 2015  Fireman David came to our class, (Rm11/12).The reason fireman david came was to educate kids about how to become a fireman and what the job is like. David the fireman had got paid for sleeping at the fire station which was quite funny.

Fireman david told us that a fire truck is just like a toolbox on wheels. They also need a breathing apparatus a big tall ladder, and an axe.  

How to become a firefighter…
In order to become a firefighter they have to be trained. It is not an easy job. Fireman david said, “You have to be fit to be a fireman.” These are some of the ways they trained that david told us about, swimming, running,and going to the gym for some weight lifting because you have to pick up a heavy hose. When they go walking through the fire it's pitch black, so one of the ways they train is an activity called the rat’s maze.

I  certainly would not want to be a fireman because it is a really hard job at the same it is very scary. Tell me what you want to be when you grow up i really want to know? pretty please!!!!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nasibah zac paragraph

Zac always wanted to be a superhero one day he decided to climb up his house wall so he did what he wanted to suddenly he crashed down because his cape came on his way, his mum growled him she did not want zac to climb walls.

One day Zac went to his tree hut he was looking from his supervision he looked down to the motorway he saw a girl named Penny crawling near the motorway, so he keeped looking to see what penny the 2 year girl was going to do.

He saw that penny was going to be runned over by the traffic. So he raced down his tree hut and  was gone to save the little girl after he saved the little girl he thought he doesn't need to have a super powers so now he became a superhero/.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

better work stories


What does a chef wear?
Most  chefs wear a particular uniform. The traditional chef's uniform is usually an apron that is the length of their knees. Chefs also have sturdy shoes and a chefs hat which kind of looks funny. Chefs wear white clothings. When I was about 5 years old, i use to think that chefs wear white clothes because when their clothes get dirty they show how much work they did.

What does A chef do?
The main job of a chef is to cooks food for people in restaurants or sometimes somewhere else. They have to cook it like a real chef or they will be fired from being a chef.
What equipment do they need?
Chefs need a range of equipment. Usually all the cooking things like a really good knife, good chef cutting board, prep bowls, A wooden spoon, locking tongues, a cookware that is made to last long, A professional blender, a oven . Chefs are not always perfect at using things like knives every time somebody cuts there hands. Or drops something.

A chef has always been my dream i want to know what your dream job will be when you grow up if you are leaving a feedback, then please let me know what your dream job would be?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Nasibah kiwisport coach

INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwi sport coach?)
Today you will be learning about a kiwi sport coach.
Kiwi sport coaches teach kids how to play different sports. Also they teach new skills that some of the students do not know. Kiwi sport coaches teach for about 40-45 minutes for each class.

A kiwi sport coach need balls, hurdles, hula hoops, cones, They need balls for basket ball hurdles if they are jumping hula hoops. The most important thing is cones not for all sports. They wear everyday clothing's.

You have to be trained then you need to get a approval card that says yes you can be a kiwi sport coach. If you don't k now the sport you are going to teach then there is no point teaching.

You have to be a person that is patient and is worth a calm attitude. A kiwi sport coach has to be a nice and kind as well as truth.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Today you will be learning about what it takes to be a volcanologist!!!

What does a  volcanologist do?

Volcanologist has to do field work so they can be volcano smart. Volcanologists  has to get plenty of rocks so they can go back to their laboratory to see if they can find out something.


A volcanologist has to have all the safety priorities so they don’t get burned.

What does a Volcanologist wear?
A volcanologist wears a breathing apparatus and always wears heavy gloves, they wear helmets as well as masks so they don’t breath the hot air from the volcano they have to always wear steady boots when they go down near the volcano so they don’t fall down.


I’d really not wanna be a volcanologist because it looks really scary when you are going down near the volcano.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Nasibah Maths

Mr Burt's job

Principal  Mr Burt
Where? Pt England
How long? For over 20 years

Mr Burt has being in pt England for over 20 years.

What does his job involve/What does he do?
Mr Burt's jobs involves  him to be a problem solver and being responsible. He has to be responsible because he can make  teachers and students work really hard.It is really important to help kids at Pt England and  have problems solved. They do this for there parents and to make them happy.

What equipment does a principal need?
The equipment  that Mr Burt  needs is a laptop, office, stationery, employees,cameras, chair, table  and he can have nice lovely pictures.   

What characteristics does a principal need/(What sort of person do you need to be?)
He has to be qualification, manage his school and be smart. Mr Burt  has to be smart because if he didn't then he would be acting like a kid and telling the teachers the wrong things to do.  Managing  is important for principles  because if you didn't  then the kids at Pt england would be doing bad things that you are not supposed to do at school.

How I would feel is really happy and really excited because I can tell them what to do and what not to do.  

Thursday, 6 August 2015



As a firefighter you need to be hard working , brave and be able to work in a team.

What does Firefighters job involve?

A Firefighter's job involves attending all the accidents by taking the person out of the cars on the road especially on rainy days. Firefighters extinguish fires on homes cars and much more. Fire fighters also educate people so if they want to be a firefighter afterwards they already know something about being Firefighters and they know about being firesmart. It is really important to have a plan and a fire exit.

What do firefighters wear ?

FireFighters wear a fireproof bunker gear that is a really supportive suit so they don’t get burnt. They where gloves that does not burn them from fire. On their backs they have a breathing apparatus so they can survive without breathing poison smoke.

How to become a firefighter?
If you want to be a firefighter then you need to fire smart always not sometimes that is why you come to school. You need to sit Literacy, numeracy and logical thinking tests to show if you are brainy enough to be a firefihter.

What a FireFighter needs to know?

A fireman/woman has to know everything that takes to be a firefighter like you have to be really honest, for example somebody has an emergency and the firefighter is at the fire station and the person wants firefighters to help him.

Firefighter is free he has nothing to do but he tells the person on the phone that he cannot help.

2nd thing  is that you have to  be  firesmart because if you are really scared of fire then there’s no point being a firefighter so you have to be really firesmart.
3rd thing is that you have to be well trained because if you don’t know anything then you will do the wrong thing.


Firefighter’s are the most important people that save people from fire and more. I feel that all firefighters are the best. I will give them a 90% of happiness I'd certainly want to be a firefighter but I am so not into any fire jobs!!!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Mrs Sticklands back!!!

Today is  Monday the 3rd of August 2015 Rm 11 has to be happy now because our beautiful  and lovely teacher Mrs Stickland is back from her holiday she was supposed to go on a honeymoon because she had got married. The places she went was???

2.Paris, France
3.Swiss alps, Switizeland
4. French Riviera, France
5. Florence, Italy
8.Pag island, Croatia
9.Ljubljana, Slovine
10. Salzburg, Austria
11. Prague, Czech Republic
12.Berlin, Germany
13.Amsterdam, Netherlands
14.London, United Kingdom
15.Auckland, New zealand

That is my favorite teacher so far we love Mrs Stickland.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Nasibah map of zac

Zac always wanted to be a superhero one day he decided to climb up his house wall so he did what he wanted to suddenly he crashed down because his cape came on his way, his mum growled him she did not want zac to climb walls.

One day Zac went to his tree hut he was looking from his supervision he looked down to the motorway he saw a girl named Penny crawling near the motorway, so he keeped looking to see what penny the 2 year girl was going to do.

He saw that penny was going to be runned over by the traffic. So he raced down his tree hut and  was gone to save the little girl after he saved the little girl he thought he doesn't need to have a super powers so now he became a superhero/.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Immersion assembly

On Monday  21st of july???

As soon as the bell went we all lined up for assembly, We could hear Mr Burt talking in a booming voice, as he called out who has a 1$’’who has 2$’’. After all that he said what the topic was (Trade & Enterprise).

After all it was team 1’s turn up came team 1 teachers with chocolate moneys they had brought it from markets with their own money.

Next it was team 3’s turn there was Mr Blakey, Mr Moran, Miss king, Ms Squiers Mrs Trimble and Louise, wearing a fireman costumes, a building costumes, a cowboy costumes, a police costume and a surgeon costume.

The way  i felt about assembly was excited cause I thought we are going to learn so much this year we are so far. I will give this terms assembly number 80 it was funny!!!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Nasibah number???

Nasibah writing

On a sunny Friday the 26th June there were 3 generous people who came to our school, bringing with them a bouncy castle. They came from the Tamaki Holiday Program. They  just wanted to remind us to come over and have fun in the holidays.
Everybody from p.e.s went to have fun on the bouncy castle. Soon it was our turn. There was a huge wiggly line. I was so apprehensive, but when we finally got to the top of the line I thought to myself, “I’m just going to have a try.” We scrambled up and slid down  with excitement. We got to have several turns it was fun.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nasibah tinkering tools and toys

Nasibah Matariki

Matariki is the 7 stars?

Matariki is based by 7 stars they are the traditional Maori New year. The things they do when it is matariki Flying kites, hot air balloons, fireworks, concerts, special events and much more.

How to see matariki stars?

To see matariki you face northeast horizon and wake up an hour before dawn in july it disappears.

The moari people used to eat kumara and plenty of fish, to celebrate moari new year.

Maori traditional celebrations?
They have plenty of feasts with hangis, kites are flown, visitors come over and sings songs, poems and do dance.

Original (1492 × 1111)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Nasibah Free writing about winter

Winter is coming up

Winter is up so get your warm jerseys and blankets and stay warm?

My fav thing to do in winter is drag some heater and a bunch of blanket and stay warm what about you?

The trick is to stay warm and cuddle before catch the sickness from others.

My wish is that it would be snowy and we come to school the topic can be about  snow we make snowballs,snowmen and more?

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Nasibah maths

Nasibah board game

  • L.O: identify and use main the ideas in a text to help inform you in creating your own board game.

Check this website out that looks at the process for designing a new board game.

Then working in pairs first  come up with an original game board plan then see if you can make it. Incorporate (include) an element or part of the Penny Walk game into your board game.   (Note: You will need to try and make it a good quality product)

Name of the game:camel and ladders
Group Members: Only me Nasibah
Brainstorm Ideas: square board
There is going to be a ladder numbers up to 50 or less There are camels instead of snakes every time you get  to a number that is a tidy 10  you need to flick a coin
Target age group: 9 and up
Goals of the game:
How many players 4
How long should a game last half an honor
Is it based on luck/chance or strategy? luck
How will players win?: when you get to the end of the number and if you got the coin  correct
Rules of the game: no issuing no eating or drinking while playing
Create rough test game: ok
Sketch your board design. yes if i get a square board
Test your game:with an player
Make changes/refinements:
Materials you will need: board paint