Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Nasibah comic writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.

There was a huge enemy in the city. Black canary  that was facing the enemies said “Easy big fullo we are taking you,” The big fullo said “who is we”.Out of nowhere green arrow shot a arrow and came down saying “we are we”. Black canary said “ you are late,” Then green arrow said“ sorry i was perfecting new errors”. “Mind if i  try these out while he is stuck in here”, “Last time you tried you destroyed half the city And almost got us killed. Almost besides these are way safer ish. Fine said  Black canary so he tried different type of arrows till he got the shrinking one he shrunk him down then he grew bigger himself. Now what genius questioned   Black canary. Wrecking ball he aimed his arrow to the heavy ball and he fell down destroyed.  Black canary said “you and your stupid antique nearly destroyed us again. Green arrow said “ a gotta go arrow”.

Task description: Today we watched a short video about Green Arrow and i will be retelling it.  

The name of the video we watched: D.C nation- green arrow- (brick full)

Monday, 23 May 2016

Nasibah comic writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.

There was a problem in the city there was robots in the city. So the people inside went outside and both of them had a contest of who can destroy the most Onomatopoeia Bot or how fast the can destroy they destoyed all. Who won it was a tie no there is one  more left BOOM. I won Ohh.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Nasibah monster advice blog

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

task description: We had to give advice to a person who needs it so i decided to help. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Superhero poster

Walt: use images to help tell a story.

Task Description: Today we had to create our own made up superhero using this web DC kids. We made our own poster introducing our new made up superhero.  

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Snow white comic review

Today I read a comic book about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. There was a queen who lived in a castle. She wanted to have a princess skin white as snow lips red as blood. After a long time her wish came true and she had a princess named snow white skin white as snow lips red as blood. One day the queen decided to go to the forest. And the King married another queen. That queen was not a normal queen it was a evil queen. Snow white had to clean the palace floors do the cooking and clean the hole palace. The queen went to her magic mirror and said “Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all” the mirror replied of course you. The queen called the king and said i want you to take Snow white to the forest and kill her, the king said how dare why would i kill the fairest princess of all, if you don't you will die. And to proof you did bring me a deed. The king took her outside and said why don't we go for a walk in the forest she said ok. She went deep in the forest with the king, the princess said oh how wonderful do these flowers look i will pick some flowers for the queen. The king sat on his knees and said i have to tell you something, the queen ordered me to kill you. I will have to tell you to run away far far way where you cannot see the palace so she did as sh as told.  The king went away and killed a pig and took out the heart to pretend it was Snow white’s...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Nasibah super hero

Walt: use similes and metaphors in our writing.

Her hair was straight like a tree, and blond in a ponytail just like the tail on a pony. Her clothes are tight so she can jump easily, it is also waterproof. She is slim and but super strong, and she is super muscly.
Her powers are super powerful, she can spray water in people’s face as she flies, She can also laser her enemies if they shoot bullets or start to be annoying.

Task description: Today our teacher told us we had to write about our own made up super hero using similes and metaphors in our writing.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Suzie and the Space nuts

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.                      

Task Description: We had to rewrite a school journal about Suzie and Space Nuts.
We created images using this website here Arthur comic creator you should have a try.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion assembly writing

W.A.L.T: recount an event

Have you ever studied comics at school before? Well guess what team 4 at Pt England School is learning all about comics, i obviously think that this term is going to be fun. I guess we have the best topic out of our whole school.

Our school theme is all about as i see it where we do art. The other teams were pretty awesome too. They were all about art too they had seasons and waka, favorite's.

Team 4’s topic is all about sequential art. Team 4’s movie that we saw was definitely amazing it had Bear
Baxendine  and different kind of super heroes. My fave superhero was guess… was batman (Mr Goodwin).

This term i really want to explore more learning about superheroes. I also hope to learn how superheroes save people’s lives like BATMAN yeah that would be fun. I am really looking forwards to learning more about this terms topic.

Overall this term I am amazingly happy to hear about as i see it, Because 1 of my fave things to do are art.

Task description: We had to write about our immersion assembly that we had on the first day of term 2 (Monday).