Wednesday, 2 May 2018

100 word challenge

Today was the weirdest day ever i saw a spider in the bathroom while i was having a shower. I shouted and i was terrified the spider was crimson. i frantically turned the tap off and ran in to my room while it was still misty. I got into my uniform and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. I told my mum and she went to the bathroom and took the spider out. Soon it was time for me to go to school. when i got to school i hanged my bag up and frantically ran to Room 4.


  1. Hi Nasibah, you have written a really funny quick write here! I like the way that the antagonist (bad guy) was a crimson spider! You got some good vocabulary in and you followed the structure of narrative story with a beginning and end. What do you think you might do differently in our next quick write?

  2. haha thats funny Nasibah