Thursday, 23 June 2016

Narrative - Final version

Kaiya's heart started to pound like a ball bouncing on the ground. She heard horrifying news that nearly made her cry! A huge battle was about to happen and her whole village was involved. Kaiya lived in a large village in the Pacific and was the chiefs only daughter. Kaiya said to her father “why we are involved in this battle?” Her father replied “because I sent a challenge to all the other villages to prove that we are the best”. Kaiya was frightened as she knew that many people would die if they had a war.

Later that day, the enemies soon attacked Kaiya's village. The warriors were fighting as the women and children were crying and trying to save themselves. Kaiya's father and his warriors fought their enemies bravely. But they did not realize something! Kaiya was being kidnapped!
The battle kept going throughout the night. It was getting worse and as Kaiya was kidnapped she could do nothing. She was in a cold dark cave. Kaiya's mouth was tied up she could not talk because she had something covering her mouth. A man walked over to Kaiya and said "If you try to run away you will be in more danger".  

Suddenly Kaiya's father ran into the cave with his warriors. They attacked the enemies and rescued Kaiya. Luckily the village had won the battle and they found the chiefs only daughter.

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  1. Hi Nasibah

    Well done for completing your narrative. Your story was quite interesting to read and I liked your 'hook'. I can't wait to see how your artwork matches your narrative. Great story.