Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr Goodwin's new car

Did you know that Mr Goodwin brought a new car?  Since 1999 Mr Goodwin had said to his mum that he will be buying a new car, till now (2016) he bought his new car. He has a coffee machine, a T.V on the back of the seats, he has $1,00000 covered with a cloth so nobody steals his money.  If somebody steals his money he will get really mad car freshener just if it gets a bit smelly and a thousand of gift card’s he also has disco lights encase  he gets bored and wants to dance to his fave song. Mr Goodwin’s car the that makes me jealous. Wait i think i did not even see his car.

As I was going pass G.I I saw a car that had a Coffee machine and that made me really jealous. I was really busting to buy the car so then I asked the person who was driving it if I could buy it. I went up to the window and guess who it belonged to Mr Goodwin. Mr Goodwin was frightened because he didn’t know that the car belonged to him. He laughed and told me that he was telling a joke. It was actually true. I saw that he had his mum in the car and was taking her shopping.   

Task description: Today we had to write about Mr Goodwin's New car. we got in a group of 3 and write on sentence and swap our Chromebook till our story is finished.

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