Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nasibah Dawn Parade Story

On Saturday 25th April ANZAC attended and so much people went to the dawn parade at the Auckland museum. There was millions of people but i did not go my teacher probably went  Miss Squires but everybody went early in the it was very dark, but soon it got lighter. Out came the soldiers they came out of no where to the museum there was shining shimmering medals on the soldiers army shirts.  The soldiers had their hats quite interesting but they marched super amazing. When the trumpet blows i become happy.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Making kazoo instruumets

Today we made kazoo instruments with Mr Blakey it makes a real funny and intresting sound.
we used rubber band popsicle sticks paper.

Nasibah Immersion Assembly

O Monday 19th aprilwe went to the hall for our Immersion Assembly.

Mr Burt was giving us so many Letter T’s  because the topic was Tinkering Tools & Toys.

As soon as I entered inside I saw some amazing senior/teachers were making some yummy things to give out to the kids instead of Award Stickers . Our topic is about technology.

My favourite one was team 4 Mr. S because it was creative from the sword and the cape. 

Mr. S was a superhero he was jumping while he was swishing his sword.

My second favourite one was team 3 they were minions the characters were Mrs. Stickland , Miss. king, Miss Thomson , Miss Squires , Mr. Blakey. 

Do include Mrs Tele'a the army team, Marching through the aisle hall and across the front of the stage came team 5 Mrs. Tele'a was holding a chalk and a chalkboard in her hand and she bellowed orders the soldiers to arnounce some sentencies about team 5.

Mr. Wiseman was up first so he steped forwards briskly and with a manly voice arnounce about the old teclonligy.

I will be looking forwards to the term 3 immersion assembly too.