Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Nasibah Immersion Assembly

O Monday 19th aprilwe went to the hall for our Immersion Assembly.

Mr Burt was giving us so many Letter T’s  because the topic was Tinkering Tools & Toys.

As soon as I entered inside I saw some amazing senior/teachers were making some yummy things to give out to the kids instead of Award Stickers . Our topic is about technology.

My favourite one was team 4 Mr. S because it was creative from the sword and the cape. 

Mr. S was a superhero he was jumping while he was swishing his sword.

My second favourite one was team 3 they were minions the characters were Mrs. Stickland , Miss. king, Miss Thomson , Miss Squires , Mr. Blakey. 

Do include Mrs Tele'a the army team, Marching through the aisle hall and across the front of the stage came team 5 Mrs. Tele'a was holding a chalk and a chalkboard in her hand and she bellowed orders the soldiers to arnounce some sentencies about team 5.

Mr. Wiseman was up first so he steped forwards briskly and with a manly voice arnounce about the old teclonligy.

I will be looking forwards to the term 3 immersion assembly too.

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