Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Nasibah weekend writing

On Sunday 20th of September my brother,  my dad and I went on a plane ride.  It went to Waikato and came back to Auckland Air Port. My favorite bit was when the plane started to fly  off. If we wanted to, you could go and see what the cockpit looked like.  The pilots were still seated in there seats. There were millions of buttons.  Two of the air hostess were eating lollies and drinking soda. I felt really exited before i really did not want to come out of the plain.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Nasibah cross country

Last week Monday P.E.S had our school cross country on the Pt England field & reserve.

What we wear during cross country?
There are varied colors Red, Green, Yellow, Blue so the teachers have to chose who is going to be in witch group i was red so i had to wear  red t-shirt but since our uniform is red i had my school uniform.

Team 1 went first then team 2 after team 2 it was team 3 as soon as I stood up my heart was pounding Mr Burt said ’’on your marks get set go!!!’’ when he had clapped the clapper we bursted of with speed. One of the teachers were standing near the cones she said ‘‘watch out for the mud‘‘ some of them had fallen down on the the dark brown mud i had been running the whole way i had really wanted to come 1,2 or 3 but i came 4 out of the year 4 girls. I had being gasping for breath but i know that Pt England never gives up like champions never give up.

I can reach my goals next year by working hard and practicing to run at school and at home hopefully i can come 1,2,3.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wants and need

David fireman

Fireman David
On Friday 4 September 2015  Fireman David came to our class, (Rm11/12).The reason fireman david came was to educate kids about how to become a fireman and what the job is like. David the fireman had got paid for sleeping at the fire station which was quite funny.

Fireman david told us that a fire truck is just like a toolbox on wheels. They also need a breathing apparatus a big tall ladder, and an axe.  

How to become a firefighter…
In order to become a firefighter they have to be trained. It is not an easy job. Fireman david said, “You have to be fit to be a fireman.” These are some of the ways they trained that david told us about, swimming, running,and going to the gym for some weight lifting because you have to pick up a heavy hose. When they go walking through the fire it's pitch black, so one of the ways they train is an activity called the rat’s maze.

I  certainly would not want to be a fireman because it is a really hard job at the same it is very scary. Tell me what you want to be when you grow up i really want to know? pretty please!!!!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nasibah zac paragraph

Zac always wanted to be a superhero one day he decided to climb up his house wall so he did what he wanted to suddenly he crashed down because his cape came on his way, his mum growled him she did not want zac to climb walls.

One day Zac went to his tree hut he was looking from his supervision he looked down to the motorway he saw a girl named Penny crawling near the motorway, so he keeped looking to see what penny the 2 year girl was going to do.

He saw that penny was going to be runned over by the traffic. So he raced down his tree hut and  was gone to save the little girl after he saved the little girl he thought he doesn't need to have a super powers so now he became a superhero/.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

better work stories


What does a chef wear?
Most  chefs wear a particular uniform. The traditional chef's uniform is usually an apron that is the length of their knees. Chefs also have sturdy shoes and a chefs hat which kind of looks funny. Chefs wear white clothings. When I was about 5 years old, i use to think that chefs wear white clothes because when their clothes get dirty they show how much work they did.

What does A chef do?
The main job of a chef is to cooks food for people in restaurants or sometimes somewhere else. They have to cook it like a real chef or they will be fired from being a chef.
What equipment do they need?
Chefs need a range of equipment. Usually all the cooking things like a really good knife, good chef cutting board, prep bowls, A wooden spoon, locking tongues, a cookware that is made to last long, A professional blender, a oven . Chefs are not always perfect at using things like knives every time somebody cuts there hands. Or drops something.

A chef has always been my dream i want to know what your dream job will be when you grow up if you are leaving a feedback, then please let me know what your dream job would be?