Wednesday, 2 September 2015

better work stories


What does a chef wear?
Most  chefs wear a particular uniform. The traditional chef's uniform is usually an apron that is the length of their knees. Chefs also have sturdy shoes and a chefs hat which kind of looks funny. Chefs wear white clothings. When I was about 5 years old, i use to think that chefs wear white clothes because when their clothes get dirty they show how much work they did.

What does A chef do?
The main job of a chef is to cooks food for people in restaurants or sometimes somewhere else. They have to cook it like a real chef or they will be fired from being a chef.
What equipment do they need?
Chefs need a range of equipment. Usually all the cooking things like a really good knife, good chef cutting board, prep bowls, A wooden spoon, locking tongues, a cookware that is made to last long, A professional blender, a oven . Chefs are not always perfect at using things like knives every time somebody cuts there hands. Or drops something.

A chef has always been my dream i want to know what your dream job will be when you grow up if you are leaving a feedback, then please let me know what your dream job would be?

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