Thursday, 10 September 2015

David fireman

Fireman David
On Friday 4 September 2015  Fireman David came to our class, (Rm11/12).The reason fireman david came was to educate kids about how to become a fireman and what the job is like. David the fireman had got paid for sleeping at the fire station which was quite funny.

Fireman david told us that a fire truck is just like a toolbox on wheels. They also need a breathing apparatus a big tall ladder, and an axe.  

How to become a firefighter…
In order to become a firefighter they have to be trained. It is not an easy job. Fireman david said, “You have to be fit to be a fireman.” These are some of the ways they trained that david told us about, swimming, running,and going to the gym for some weight lifting because you have to pick up a heavy hose. When they go walking through the fire it's pitch black, so one of the ways they train is an activity called the rat’s maze.

I  certainly would not want to be a fireman because it is a really hard job at the same it is very scary. Tell me what you want to be when you grow up i really want to know? pretty please!!!!!!

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