Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Nasibah cross country

Last week Monday P.E.S had our school cross country on the Pt England field & reserve.

What we wear during cross country?
There are varied colors Red, Green, Yellow, Blue so the teachers have to chose who is going to be in witch group i was red so i had to wear  red t-shirt but since our uniform is red i had my school uniform.

Team 1 went first then team 2 after team 2 it was team 3 as soon as I stood up my heart was pounding Mr Burt said ’’on your marks get set go!!!’’ when he had clapped the clapper we bursted of with speed. One of the teachers were standing near the cones she said ‘‘watch out for the mud‘‘ some of them had fallen down on the the dark brown mud i had been running the whole way i had really wanted to come 1,2 or 3 but i came 4 out of the year 4 girls. I had being gasping for breath but i know that Pt England never gives up like champions never give up.

I can reach my goals next year by working hard and practicing to run at school and at home hopefully i can come 1,2,3.

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