Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Camp so far feels...

All the year 5/6 are on camp i am am a year 5 so i am too. So far it looks fun but at night it is sometimes  windy and it starts to rain but i got used to it. The team i am in is kind crushes, we have movie night, concert night, different fun activity. Toady we had to wake up at 7:00am we rushed to the hall to do jump jam.  My fav activity was cooking, Amazing race, the killer zone and swimming at the G.I pools. I am a also looking forwards to kayaking at the beach. So you guys should go camping.


  1. Nice......look like you all had soo much fun

  2. Hey nasibah its me Aisha it looks like you had a lot of fun at camp. I wish i was there.

    Regards Aisha

    1. Hi there Aisha,Haha i wish you came it was sure fun are you having a great time where evere you are?:)