Friday, 18 March 2016

Nasibah Little red riding hood twist

Walt: retell a story with a significant twist

Far far away on a land where wolves were good but little red riding hood was bad and also the grandma. One day the mum was going to give some leftover bones to the wolf it was a long way to the wolves cave, on the way she met the big red riding hood the mum ran as fast as she could she took the shortcut to the wolves house she race in and closed the door the good wolf said what happened then that you ran so fast she said there was the Big Bad Riding Hood.
The mum opened the basket and started eating with the wolf. Then the Big Bad Riding Hood went to the grandma's house and said “I have failed” the grandma replied you will now have to a favor paint the house colorful till you learned your lesson!!!. no i am not in your team because i have already learnt a lesson to not bully  people and being mean and the big bad riding hood SLAMMED the door SHUT. Soon the big bad grandma said “i think big bad riding hood is write i am write” we should be nice and think about our actions. And now i think you my reader have learnt a lesson to.

Task description: we had to learn how to add  a twist to a fairy tale.

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