Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nasibah the three little pigs story

W.A.L.T: retell a story 

Once upon a time there was three pigs they lived with their mother. One day they went of to play outside they  went near the forest and they saw a beautiful place. So they decided to build their own houses and live there.  

So one pig made his house out of sticks. Another pig made his house with straw. Another house was made out of bricks. They were Bringing their straw, bricks,sticks to make their homes. One pig made a house with straws he was happy and wanted to sleep cause he was so tired.

Another pig made his house with sticks he was happy and started dancing the whole time. The other pig was building his house with bricks when he was finished he was relaxing.

Soon the big bad wolf came and said can i come please the pig in the straw  house said not by my hair on chinnie chin chin. The wolf said then i will huff and puff and blow your house in so he blowed and  the pig  ran to the stick house pig and said let me in i am your brother so he raced in and the wolf said let me in and the pig said not by the hair of my chiny chin chin so i will huff and i'll puff and i will blow your house away so he blowed the house of sticks and both the pigs ran to the other brothers house so he opened the door and closed the door before the bad wolf would come in. He said LIttle pigs LIttle pigs let me come in the pig said not by my hair on my chiny chin chin the wolf said then i will huff the i will puff and i will blow your house down. so he did as he said and blowed and blowed and blowed but the house was made out bricks are really strong.

He could not do it so the wolf made another plan he climbed the house and walked to the chimney the pigs could hear the wolf walking they quickly put on a fire the wolf went down and burnt his bottom he screamed ahhhhhhhhhh he ran away and the three little pigs lived happily ever after. THE END.  

Task description: We watched 4 versions of three little pigs so we can retell.

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