Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nasibah race recount

W.A.L.T : write an Recount.

Did you know that our teacher Mr Goodwin is a very crazy teacher. Today he told us to line up we are going to do something lame and fast so we put on our shoes and lined up outside our classroom. Unintentionally he now tells us to line up along the goal post.
At this minute he says GO! and I stood there for 10 seconds and then I went running i thought in my head why do teachers to this. On my way back I had tripped over a piece of rock I said “ I have had better experience than this cleaning my house and doing chores was better. After all everybody was lying on the grass and breathing like a bunch of sumo wrestlers puffing.

When I had tripped over all my thoughts had fallen out of my head and I was not confident to do my recount any more I was exhausted.  I think that my teacher has come back from Thailand and gotten far to crazy.

I would never want to do this again i have had enough of running already. Mr Goodwin if you are reading this please calm down that would be so nice.

Task Description: today Our teacher told us to line up along the goal post and he told us the instructions that we had to run to the other goal post and back.

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