Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Nasibah Native Bird

W.A.L.T: we are learning to write persuasively.

What are some native birds around tamaki? It would be great if we could have some more native birds around tamaki so we can find out more about birds

I think that there should be more of Toutouwai Native Bird in New Zealand because i would like to know some of the features and beauty of Toutouwai.

I would also love to see some Takahe because i have never heard of this bird and i would like to find some of its habitats and it behavior much more.

I want less of these seagulls because segal's have this bad habit of ripping rubbish bags.  So i would rather have some more different birds.

I would rather like to see more native birds than Non - Native birds. That is why tamaki needs more native bird.

Task description: This week we had to write persuasively. so today we are had to write about native birds persuasively 

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