Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Nasibah marshmallow story

Once a time there was a solitary boy, named  Jimmy who was sitting in a freezing dark   forest toasting Marshmallows and camping .

The boy was about to eat the marshmallow  when  monster popped out of the nice fresh dark blue lake. Suddenly Jimmy heard a crunching sound  and looked back and saw the scary monster. It was green with sharp pointy teeth extra large evil eyes.

Jimmy held out the delicious marshmallow up on a sword to the Monster’s face.When the monster saw the marshmallow stick he acted cute.The monster started behaving like a dog, he got up and barked like a dog, he did all sorts of tricks.Like rolled over hummed  and was a bit funny.

Jimmy felt inside the bag that there was only one last marshmallow.  He wiggled it out and in no second the monster ate it. Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out the  marshmallow then the monster scooped it up long pink tongue.

And so  there was no more left but Jimmy saw a nice pillow the monster thought it was a marshmallow so Jimmy threw it behind and ran away in through the dark forest and then the monster went to the fire and started roasting the pillow that the monster had thought it was a Marshmallow, but the pillow disappeared in the fire and so the monster was sad.

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  1. You have included all the main parts of the story Nasibah and have structured your writing well in paragraphs. Remember you need to try and include the vocabulary we have been learning, as using it will help you remember it and will also make your writing more effective.