Thursday, 30 June 2016

Eid post

Did you know that It is a special month in islam again? It is called ramadan. Ramadan is where you fast. This is how it works, in the morning at 4:00am we wake up and have something to eat and that is called shoor and the whole day you do not eat until 5:00pm and that feast is called iftar, it is also not exactly at 5:00 it is at different times and here is a link to our Timetable. At the end of ramadan there is a big festival called Eid. In Eid you celebrate by giving gifts and eidi Which is known as money. We also go to family and muslim friends houses and eat sweets. My favourite sweets is Gulab Jamun. Before Eid we buy Eid clothes. I also help my family make sweets. Here are the lists of things we make.

And much more.

Problem solving

Family facts

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

narritive story

W.A.L.T: write a narrative.

Super kid

Super kid is the queen of lights. She has black eyes and a stunning outfit. One day she decided to go to the supermarket. So she got ready in her ordinary clothes, but she also had her superhero clothes in a plastic bag in-case. On her way there she found out that someone was annoying her by tickling her ears. She hit to an stop and looked around she saw none she carried on. After 10-15 min something annoyed her again this time she stopped looked around and saw a evil man with a duster in his hand. Super kid ran to the side and transformed as fast as she could and all of sudden they were fighting. Super kid was hiding in the A.N.Z building. Out of the blues the ugly evil man came and Super kid was already snapping of the lights to make it dark and The evil man got dizzy and fell into a deep sleep.Super Kid was calling the police to discard this person. Super Kid transformed back to normal and was living happily ever after.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Narrative - Final version

Kaiya's heart started to pound like a ball bouncing on the ground. She heard horrifying news that nearly made her cry! A huge battle was about to happen and her whole village was involved. Kaiya lived in a large village in the Pacific and was the chiefs only daughter. Kaiya said to her father “why we are involved in this battle?” Her father replied “because I sent a challenge to all the other villages to prove that we are the best”. Kaiya was frightened as she knew that many people would die if they had a war.

Later that day, the enemies soon attacked Kaiya's village. The warriors were fighting as the women and children were crying and trying to save themselves. Kaiya's father and his warriors fought their enemies bravely. But they did not realize something! Kaiya was being kidnapped!
The battle kept going throughout the night. It was getting worse and as Kaiya was kidnapped she could do nothing. She was in a cold dark cave. Kaiya's mouth was tied up she could not talk because she had something covering her mouth. A man walked over to Kaiya and said "If you try to run away you will be in more danger".  

Suddenly Kaiya's father ran into the cave with his warriors. They attacked the enemies and rescued Kaiya. Luckily the village had won the battle and they found the chiefs only daughter.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

My narrative story (Extension)

Kaiya's heart started to pound like a ball bouncing on the ground. She heard horrifying news that nearly made her cry! There was a huge war happening and her whole village was involved. Kaiya lived in a large village in the Pacific and was the chiefs only daughter.

Kaiya said to her dad “why we are involved in this war?” Her dad said “because I sent a challenge to all the other villages to prove that we are the best”. They headed out to the war and it started. Kaiya's dad was finding his way towards his enemies, but he did not realize something! His daughter was being kidnapped!
The war was getting worse and Kaiya was kidnapped she had nothing to do. He had 1 idea, which needed 2 people. Out of the big crowd there was one man who came near the person who was about to kidnap Kaiya. The person who was looking forward to kidnap Kaiya looked back and saw the man he said "why are you kidnapping a girl" and the man stood there and said " i do not know why i am doing this but i will carry on". Kaiya's mouth was tied up she could not talk because she had a kind of scarf over her mouth. The man walked to Kaiya and took the scarf off and said "run away you will be in more danger.  

Suddenly the man punched the kidnapper and the kidnapper said "sorry" and he ran in to the forest's. And after the were happy again.

Wanted poster

We had to read about the Three Little Pigs and make a wanted poster. Now the Reward is not  true so do not get to suprised

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Walt: write a character description.

Task description:I have made up these character description to describe these monster's. we do not know the exact personality of these monsters

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

wanted poster

Walt: understand perceptions

Task description: We had to read the story three little pigs and make a poster the prize is not real.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Nasibah Avengers Assemble!

WALT: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)
When Captain America and Iron Man were playing chess what happen?  One day when Captain America and Iron Man were playing chess Captain America had lost on the 1st time and same thing on the 2nd time and on the 3rd time he got mad he said “that is it i have had enough now i will give up playing chess with you is a big issue because you always cheat”, Iron Man said “ i have never cheated in this game and + it is just a game. Well we will see, whoever wins has to do a forfeit. Bang! Went the door and Iron Man got even mad so he threw his chessboard to the wall and back it came and hit Iron Man’s head POW!!! owww. He raced all the way to Captain America’s place but he had already gone. He ran outside and saw Captain America with his group. Iron Man decided that he might do the same thing as Captain America make a group. All of a sudden they started fighting. Iron Man destroyed all of Captain America’s group And so did Captain America. When Iron man said “are we not best friends” Captain America stopped and said “we are but i just can’t believe that i lost all three rounds. O well just forget about if you lose just play as if you are having fun cause you will when we have a chess competition and the person who loses have to do a forfeit.

Task description: Today we had to write about a marvel since we are learning  all about superheroes.
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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr Goodwin's new car

Did you know that Mr Goodwin brought a new car?  Since 1999 Mr Goodwin had said to his mum that he will be buying a new car, till now (2016) he bought his new car. He has a coffee machine, a T.V on the back of the seats, he has $1,00000 covered with a cloth so nobody steals his money.  If somebody steals his money he will get really mad car freshener just if it gets a bit smelly and a thousand of gift card’s he also has disco lights encase  he gets bored and wants to dance to his fave song. Mr Goodwin’s car the that makes me jealous. Wait i think i did not even see his car.

As I was going pass G.I I saw a car that had a Coffee machine and that made me really jealous. I was really busting to buy the car so then I asked the person who was driving it if I could buy it. I went up to the window and guess who it belonged to Mr Goodwin. Mr Goodwin was frightened because he didn’t know that the car belonged to him. He laughed and told me that he was telling a joke. It was actually true. I saw that he had his mum in the car and was taking her shopping.   

Task description: Today we had to write about Mr Goodwin's New car. we got in a group of 3 and write on sentence and swap our Chromebook till our story is finished.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Nasibah superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.

Did you know that Super-girl has saved a thousand people’s life from danger?. At pt England school everyone was having their morning tea but something happened that frightened them.

Out of nowhere there came a big large monkey at Point England school, Everybody was Playing outside and with panic they all hit to  an rush they ran to their class but the some of the classes were locked some were open. They all split up to find their teachers. Then Mrs Nua saw the monkey she started jumping up and down with her amazing high heels that she nearly fell so she walked as fast as could and said “attention i need all of you staff to run to you classes and open the doors for the kids to go in because there is a large monkey” with a funny voice. The office lady Miss Flavelle said “we should call Super-girl”. Super-girl answered I will be there A.S.A.P. When Super-girl came the monkey started to act like it was normal monkey so Super-girl decided. To take the large monkey to the zoo some how.

Then Super-girl had an idea she went to the monkey and said monkey love bananas so why don't we get some bananas and walk it to the zoo and he will follow us. And he actually ended up in the zoo locked up and was acting like a normal butterfly than Super-girl found out that the monkey was hungry.