Thursday, 30 July 2015

Nasibah map of zac

Zac always wanted to be a superhero one day he decided to climb up his house wall so he did what he wanted to suddenly he crashed down because his cape came on his way, his mum growled him she did not want zac to climb walls.

One day Zac went to his tree hut he was looking from his supervision he looked down to the motorway he saw a girl named Penny crawling near the motorway, so he keeped looking to see what penny the 2 year girl was going to do.

He saw that penny was going to be runned over by the traffic. So he raced down his tree hut and  was gone to save the little girl after he saved the little girl he thought he doesn't need to have a super powers so now he became a superhero/.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Immersion assembly

On Monday  21st of july???

As soon as the bell went we all lined up for assembly, We could hear Mr Burt talking in a booming voice, as he called out who has a 1$’’who has 2$’’. After all that he said what the topic was (Trade & Enterprise).

After all it was team 1’s turn up came team 1 teachers with chocolate moneys they had brought it from markets with their own money.

Next it was team 3’s turn there was Mr Blakey, Mr Moran, Miss king, Ms Squiers Mrs Trimble and Louise, wearing a fireman costumes, a building costumes, a cowboy costumes, a police costume and a surgeon costume.

The way  i felt about assembly was excited cause I thought we are going to learn so much this year we are so far. I will give this terms assembly number 80 it was funny!!!