Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My Stardome Trip!

Image result for stardome W.A.L.T: include a variety of sentences types in our writing.

Last week on Thursday we went on a  trip to Stardome! I was in group 3 which was Sam’s group. In my group was Paikea, Charlese, Myself, Skye, Thida and a few others. It was insane to be waiting for a long time with excitement.  

While we were on the bus i was sitting next to two of  my friends Thida & Rozaidah. We were so happy to go to Stardome. We were all so busy playing all sorts of hand games & many other cool things. Once we got there we were surprised to see the BIG white dome. We got off the bus and we had a little talk with Mr Goodwin. After that we all got to play on the playground I was sitting on the spinning thing i'm not so sure of what the name is but i had forced Miss Parrant to have a go as 5 people sat down & 2 people were pushing. We all started screaming.

Inside stardome was so warm. What we did first was we went into this special room and we had an old man who  was explaining to us about the solar system. After that we had to do a quiz and we found all sorts of different things.

Finally we got to go to the stardome theatre and watch a movie. It was really hard for me to know what was going on after i had slept first half of the movie. It was a motion movie when i got out of the theatre i was so dizzy. I would never want to go to a motion movie again.

I learnt that solar means sun. Earth is a Goldilocks planet because it’s not too cold neither too hot it’s just right. I really suggest little student whom love space to go there.
                                                                     Task description:

For this task we had to do this task which is called a Recount of what we did last week on Thursday, which was about Stardome. This was a task for everyone to do. If you haven't read this please check it out because one of my friends said it was amazing. It was an awesome experience!


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Mars One Project

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before.

Task description: for this task we had to read some articles about Mars one project and write about some of the facts.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Astrounaut Profile

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before.

Task description: today we had create our own Astronaut profile. we also had to draw a picture using 8 bit art.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country Day!

Walt: structure a recount. 

Last week Friday everyone at Pt England School had participated in our School cross country. It was extremely hot and really muddy, I felt so tired. I had already been looking at the course and it looked harder than you guys think finally it is over now. Have you ever participated in a cross country before?  

As I was sitting down on the hard, hot court everyone was really nervous for their turn to run. People was singing, cheering and talking about the race and how long it will be. Every 10 minutes we put sunscreen on.

The clapper went and i pushed myself to run hard out. On the bottom field i started to have that stitch again, then i remembered that Mr Burt said you start it you finish it. I stepped over the muddy patches and i tried my best.

After the race i was happy to be back and not to be on the run anymore. I’ve always hated running but when it comes to this time of the year i really want to come 1st 2nd or 3rd. Last year i had come 4th this year i came around 7 - 6 but i was still happy, it doesn’t really matter you just need to have a good health and be fit.

I had learnt a lot of things 1 of them was i had to practice running because i was really lazy to run i had stopped halfway thinking that i will be walking the rest. Now i am trying to cut down sweet things so wish me luck it all starts soon.

Task description: today we had to write a recount of what happened and what we did last week Friday. we have also structured this into the right order.