Monday, 9 July 2018


Hey guys today was a pretty fun day. We had booked Hotel Transylvania 3 booked at the cinemas in Sylvia park. So my Aunty and them came to our house. So we went there and 1 of the members said it will be half an hr, so we went to a few shops and then it was finally time. We got some popcorn and some Frozone (Slushie) and we went to watch the movie. As soon as the movie started our popcorn was finished and then we were a little bit regretful of eating the popcorn to early. But the movie started and i wads not able to stop laughing. It was a funny movie and t was a little bit sad, my favourite part was when Ericka put something into Vlad's food and he suddenly farted and said oh was that you to Ericka. Its much better if you see it with your own eyes. It was a fun time. But its obvius that now i am not feeling well.

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Being a Soldier!

The Question: Do you want to be in the army or be a soldier?

What would it feel like to be a soldier? I would be really nervous, because you have to fight other people and it would be scary. What is you die! I’d have a really weird and tense feeling.

To be honest i will never want to be in an army war etc. I just can't risk my life dying in an army/war or see other people die, it is sad. It’s better to just live your life as long as you can, rather than risking your life dying or killing other people.

Would you want to be in the army? I want to know if you want to be in the army. And why you want to be in the army? I mean like if you would like to be in the army reach your goals and go for it but i don't think that being in the army is on my dream list.