Wednesday, 29 June 2016

narritive story

W.A.L.T: write a narrative.

Super kid

Super kid is the queen of lights. She has black eyes and a stunning outfit. One day she decided to go to the supermarket. So she got ready in her ordinary clothes, but she also had her superhero clothes in a plastic bag in-case. On her way there she found out that someone was annoying her by tickling her ears. She hit to an stop and looked around she saw none she carried on. After 10-15 min something annoyed her again this time she stopped looked around and saw a evil man with a duster in his hand. Super kid ran to the side and transformed as fast as she could and all of sudden they were fighting. Super kid was hiding in the A.N.Z building. Out of the blues the ugly evil man came and Super kid was already snapping of the lights to make it dark and The evil man got dizzy and fell into a deep sleep.Super Kid was calling the police to discard this person. Super Kid transformed back to normal and was living happily ever after.

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