Thursday, 30 June 2016

Eid post

Did you know that It is a special month in islam again? It is called ramadan. Ramadan is where you fast. This is how it works, in the morning at 4:00am we wake up and have something to eat and that is called shoor and the whole day you do not eat until 5:00pm and that feast is called iftar, it is also not exactly at 5:00 it is at different times and here is a link to our Timetable. At the end of ramadan there is a big festival called Eid. In Eid you celebrate by giving gifts and eidi Which is known as money. We also go to family and muslim friends houses and eat sweets. My favourite sweets is Gulab Jamun. Before Eid we buy Eid clothes. I also help my family make sweets. Here are the lists of things we make.

And much more.

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