Thursday, 16 June 2016

My narrative story (Extension)

Kaiya's heart started to pound like a ball bouncing on the ground. She heard horrifying news that nearly made her cry! There was a huge war happening and her whole village was involved. Kaiya lived in a large village in the Pacific and was the chiefs only daughter.

Kaiya said to her dad “why we are involved in this war?” Her dad said “because I sent a challenge to all the other villages to prove that we are the best”. They headed out to the war and it started. Kaiya's dad was finding his way towards his enemies, but he did not realize something! His daughter was being kidnapped!
The war was getting worse and Kaiya was kidnapped she had nothing to do. He had 1 idea, which needed 2 people. Out of the big crowd there was one man who came near the person who was about to kidnap Kaiya. The person who was looking forward to kidnap Kaiya looked back and saw the man he said "why are you kidnapping a girl" and the man stood there and said " i do not know why i am doing this but i will carry on". Kaiya's mouth was tied up she could not talk because she had a kind of scarf over her mouth. The man walked to Kaiya and took the scarf off and said "run away you will be in more danger.  

Suddenly the man punched the kidnapper and the kidnapper said "sorry" and he ran in to the forest's. And after the were happy again.

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