Friday, 10 June 2016

Nasibah Avengers Assemble!

WALT: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)
When Captain America and Iron Man were playing chess what happen?  One day when Captain America and Iron Man were playing chess Captain America had lost on the 1st time and same thing on the 2nd time and on the 3rd time he got mad he said “that is it i have had enough now i will give up playing chess with you is a big issue because you always cheat”, Iron Man said “ i have never cheated in this game and + it is just a game. Well we will see, whoever wins has to do a forfeit. Bang! Went the door and Iron Man got even mad so he threw his chessboard to the wall and back it came and hit Iron Man’s head POW!!! owww. He raced all the way to Captain America’s place but he had already gone. He ran outside and saw Captain America with his group. Iron Man decided that he might do the same thing as Captain America make a group. All of a sudden they started fighting. Iron Man destroyed all of Captain America’s group And so did Captain America. When Iron man said “are we not best friends” Captain America stopped and said “we are but i just can’t believe that i lost all three rounds. O well just forget about if you lose just play as if you are having fun cause you will when we have a chess competition and the person who loses have to do a forfeit.

Task description: Today we had to write about a marvel since we are learning  all about superheroes.
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