Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper tower

Have you ever constructed a Tower before? Well today I came to knowing that it will be a normal day. But when I come in class I saw my teacher sorting out newspapers,  That seemed a little weird. I was kind of convinced of what we were going to do.

When we were being told about the experience I was so excited. I had overfull of ideas in my mind I could not wait to explode those ideas out of my mind. My teacher ( Mr Goodwin ) was telling us instructions but I did not bother listening I was far too busy.

When we got to plan it I turned out that  none of my ideas exploded. When it was my turn Bethan would get frustrated and she would say nobody listens to  me and i would give my turn to her all the time.
But finally at last me and my group mix and matched all of our ideas and came with 1 plan.

As we were constructing the newspaper tower  we made a platform and then we tried to stick all the bits and pieces but it just wouldn't work. We tried different ways we scrunched up newspaper but it would just fall down and we couldn’t  stand it.

I would have to say that next time I would rather write about the weekends to be honest.

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