Thursday, 17 May 2018

Homeless people

Homeless people.

Did you know that around 24,000 people just in Auckland are poor and suffering from poverty? That is pretty sad to hear. They struggle from sickness, cold weather, and not having shelter. Imagine having no beds, no warm clothing, no shelter, and no food it will be a very  tough time.

But if people in New Zealand start caring about them and if the government starts doing something then it will be a big help and a big change for us for them and the people who are still to come.

How we can help! Be a kind person and go help them and along with that take them some survival packs. Which including food, pads, razors, water bottles, clothes (etc).

What do you feel about them? Comment down below what you think about homeless people and people suffering from poverty. I feel sad the fact that we get pretty much what we want and homeless people have literally nothing.

Overall i really want to help them. And i have helped them with the one and only Laurien Barks. We had made some survival packs and raised some money to give to them. I love to help and i think you should help as well.

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