Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Yr 7 Team building Review


The 3 days that were unforgettable! The best time of our
lives getting to know each other from yr7 Team Building.
Just hard to forget about it.

Week 4 term 2 Wednesday - Friday we had yr 7 Team Building,
the first and only best time of our lives. Getting to do things
that we have probably never done before.

The remembering times of  Amazing Race, MKR, Disco,
Water fun,
Minute to win it, Making Slime, Pop Quiz, Banner-making and
much more.

Without the three lovely teachers ( Mrs. Sio, Mrs. Salu, Whaea
we would not have had 3 amazing days. Just appreciating
them for giving up their time and money for us.

Overall I would suggest giving yr 7 Team Building a 5 star.
I just can't express
my passion and excitement for yr 7 Team Building.

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