Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Nasibah comic writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.

There was a huge enemy in the city. Black canary  that was facing the enemies said “Easy big fullo we are taking you,” The big fullo said “who is we”.Out of nowhere green arrow shot a arrow and came down saying “we are we”. Black canary said “ you are late,” Then green arrow said“ sorry i was perfecting new errors”. “Mind if i  try these out while he is stuck in here”, “Last time you tried you destroyed half the city And almost got us killed. Almost besides these are way safer ish. Fine said  Black canary so he tried different type of arrows till he got the shrinking one he shrunk him down then he grew bigger himself. Now what genius questioned   Black canary. Wrecking ball he aimed his arrow to the heavy ball and he fell down destroyed.  Black canary said “you and your stupid antique nearly destroyed us again. Green arrow said “ a gotta go arrow”.

Task description: Today we watched a short video about Green Arrow and i will be retelling it.  

The name of the video we watched: D.C nation- green arrow- (brick full)

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