Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion assembly writing

W.A.L.T: recount an event

Have you ever studied comics at school before? Well guess what team 4 at Pt England School is learning all about comics, i obviously think that this term is going to be fun. I guess we have the best topic out of our whole school.

Our school theme is all about as i see it where we do art. The other teams were pretty awesome too. They were all about art too they had seasons and waka, favorite's.

Team 4’s topic is all about sequential art. Team 4’s movie that we saw was definitely amazing it had Bear
Baxendine  and different kind of super heroes. My fave superhero was guess… was batman (Mr Goodwin).

This term i really want to explore more learning about superheroes. I also hope to learn how superheroes save people’s lives like BATMAN yeah that would be fun. I am really looking forwards to learning more about this terms topic.

Overall this term I am amazingly happy to hear about as i see it, Because 1 of my fave things to do are art.

Task description: We had to write about our immersion assembly that we had on the first day of term 2 (Monday).

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