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As a firefighter you need to be hard working , brave and be able to work in a team.

What does Firefighters job involve?

A Firefighter's job involves attending all the accidents by taking the person out of the cars on the road especially on rainy days. Firefighters extinguish fires on homes cars and much more. Fire fighters also educate people so if they want to be a firefighter afterwards they already know something about being Firefighters and they know about being firesmart. It is really important to have a plan and a fire exit.

What do firefighters wear ?

FireFighters wear a fireproof bunker gear that is a really supportive suit so they don’t get burnt. They where gloves that does not burn them from fire. On their backs they have a breathing apparatus so they can survive without breathing poison smoke.

How to become a firefighter?
If you want to be a firefighter then you need to fire smart always not sometimes that is why you come to school. You need to sit Literacy, numeracy and logical thinking tests to show if you are brainy enough to be a firefihter.

What a FireFighter needs to know?

A fireman/woman has to know everything that takes to be a firefighter like you have to be really honest, for example somebody has an emergency and the firefighter is at the fire station and the person wants firefighters to help him.

Firefighter is free he has nothing to do but he tells the person on the phone that he cannot help.

2nd thing  is that you have to  be  firesmart because if you are really scared of fire then there’s no point being a firefighter so you have to be really firesmart.
3rd thing is that you have to be well trained because if you don’t know anything then you will do the wrong thing.


Firefighter’s are the most important people that save people from fire and more. I feel that all firefighters are the best. I will give them a 90% of happiness I'd certainly want to be a firefighter but I am so not into any fire jobs!!!

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