Monday, 19 October 2015

Nasibah immersion assembly

On Monday 12th October we had our term 4 assembly.  As soon as the bell went we all lined up for assembly when we got to the hall we saw our theme for this term.(Survivors)

My favorite team was team 3 because i use to like dinosaurs when i was about 4, i had watched a lot of cartoons that involved dinosaurs.
Anyway three amazing teachers from our class dressed up as dinos there was some other teachers from other classes. My teachers were dressed up as ballerinas sarus (Mrs Stickland) karaka raptor (Ms Squires) musellosarus (Mr Moron showing off his muscles). They were dancing in the forest like they were actually a dinosaur.

2nd favorite was Mr Burt dressed up as a parrot there 4-5 students from pt england school that went to Mr Burt's house whatever the students do there comes the parrot annoying the students so the parrot control came and killed the parrot and had it for K.F.C.

I felt completely exited to learn about dinosaurs i will still want to learn about this next year.

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