Thursday, 12 November 2015

Nasibah Manaiakalani film festival

Yesterday we went to Sylvia Park hoyts for our film festival.
My favourite one was stay young because it was kind of informative guess what that was made by Rm11 Ms Squiers and Amelia, Chastity , Naomi, Daisy, so a big thanks to them. Here is the link to our movie. Stay young
My second favourite one was The force when they try the new hair gel and it’s a bit like magnet when he says do u want a pencil  he says yes soon he ends up with heaps of pencils. The Force
My third favorite one was the AntBoy because noah is eating and sees ants he swooshes them away to the floor and then he is relaxingly eating. AntBoy
2015 manaiakalani film festival is voted 100/100% of fun at the end when we were coming back to school there was a kind driver that put Justin bieber sorry song on and everybody started singing.

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