Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Nasibah board game

  • L.O: identify and use main the ideas in a text to help inform you in creating your own board game.

Check this website out that looks at the process for designing a new board game.

Then working in pairs first  come up with an original game board plan then see if you can make it. Incorporate (include) an element or part of the Penny Walk game into your board game.   (Note: You will need to try and make it a good quality product)

Name of the game:camel and ladders
Group Members: Only me Nasibah
Brainstorm Ideas: square board
There is going to be a ladder numbers up to 50 or less There are camels instead of snakes every time you get  to a number that is a tidy 10  you need to flick a coin
Target age group: 9 and up
Goals of the game:
How many players 4
How long should a game last half an honor
Is it based on luck/chance or strategy? luck
How will players win?: when you get to the end of the number and if you got the coin  correct
Rules of the game: no issuing no eating or drinking while playing
Create rough test game: ok
Sketch your board design. yes if i get a square board
Test your game:with an player
Make changes/refinements:
Materials you will need: board paint  

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