Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Switch

The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

Once  there was a solitary man who was named Mr Brown. Strolling along Mr Brown thought  to himself, “ Hmmm that was a scrumptious lunch.”  Noticing that he had a bit of crumbs on his tie  he licked his fingers and with a swoosh wiped it off.

Unexpectedly a box came out of nowhere and whacked Mr Brown on his  head. “ OUCH!!” he said with  a furious face. In anger he kicked the box  back to where it came from.

With curiosity Mr Brown glanced around. He saw a tower of boxes and a grey shiny box. He tried to push it but it wouldn’t budge.  He climbed  up the tower of boxes balancing  precariously. Leaping off the towering boxes he  tried to jump on the grey box but he missed. As he was on the ground he noticed there was a little red button underneath Mr Brown said “ Oh what is this button going to do?”

He thought, “ Should I press it?” So he reached out, hesitated, then he threw  away caution away and pressed the button.

There was a strange whirring. The grey box spun rapidly then suddenly Mr Brown’s tie got sucked into it. Desperately he tried to take his tie out but it ripped.

But then the box maker sucked in the whole of Mr Brown. Mr Brown had turned into a box. end of story!!!

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