Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion assembly

W.A.L.T: use exiting language
Welcome back guys. So today we had a warm start of from immersion assembly. It was crazy and teachers were dressed up as part of what their team was learning about this term.

The school topic for this term is Now That is Thinking. Teams 1 - 3 is learning all about kites and Matariki.

The one and only  team 4 is learning all about. What Kind Of Technology Did the Maori People Use Before The Pakeha Arrived In New Zealand.

For this term i would like to learn and research about one single topic Who was first man to even invent technology? Because ever since i was in year 1 i would use a I pad i did not how this was made and days  went by I thought is a Chromebook invented. But Mr Goodwin if you are reading this do not stress out for making extreme hard work take it easy.

Overall i think that the new theme for this term is quite fascinating  because i love technology more than paper or book.
Task description: this task was much more of a recount becuase we had immersion assembly and then we did literacy. 

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