Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Narrative writing


WALT: understand the features of narrative writing.

once upon a time there was little girl named Megan her parents name was Josephine and Jones who wanted to go to the park with her family so they packed all the food and went off. After five houses they  ran to the park and started playing. after 10 minutes they went swimming at the beach suddenly  there parents got hungry and tired after sitting for 20 minutes. They heard someone screaming  let's ha
ve a party! the parents stood up with excitement and they saw their cousins they parked their van and came down with 2 big baskets and a  small sized table they sat down the children dried up but did not change. They had K.F.C,  Pepsi,  pavlova, ice cream and chocolate. Then the cousin kids went and got changed and hit to the dive. Soon they screamed out FISH they had found a fish  there cousins brang a plastic to keep the rubbish in but they had two so the used one keep the fish in  Megan poured some water  in with her hand.

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