Friday, 17 November 2017

Athletics day!!!

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Dear helpers thank you for taking your time out and helping our Pt England Athletics day happen. Without you helpers we would have not come this far in our Athletics day all we want to say is a HUGE Thank You and we mean it thank you so much .

Athletics day to be honest was outstanding but thankfully the weather was ok or this day could not be possible. We had a lot of fun with the different activities that were set up. I had tried my best.

My favourite part was the Target Ball because it was a challenging game we had to get a ball each get in a circle and hit the other teams. This was fun when  Miss Parrant had gone in the middle we had to try hit her and if we did we got 2 points we were placed.

Next year i am gonna try hard on High jump i always have a problem when i run up to the mat and then i stop and then i go back to the line cause i am always scared that i might hit my leg on the pole. I am really looking forwards to learning that.

I enjoyed the Target ball because it was a fun game because we got to throw balls around and one of the rugby balls went straight to Miss Parrant's head it was not as funny.

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