Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Nasibah Writing about fiafia

W.A.L.T: write one sentences in one min so we can write five para in 10 min.

Did you know that we had our Fiafia last week? It was on our school field with stalls on our school court, it was amazingly awesome. I enjoyed sitting and watching all the performances.  
The big stage was placed on our school it was pretty big.

If i have not already told you it was on the 7th of April Thursday. Fiafia is where we have different cultural groups that we chose which group we want to dance in but sometimes we are chosen. All the kids  in our  school were sitting on a tapoline on our court. The stage was placed on on our school field under the markie.

I was in the Fijian group i enjoyed. I was in the Fijian group because everyone from my Family and cousins are from fiji and i am New Zealander but i love Fiji especially the coconut. We practiced probably 5 or 6 weeks to combine all of actions that we didn't know together. This is the link to the song we danced to: Black rose le de la

My favorite performance was circus circus. Because i do not really know how to do front flips and that there was amazing you should've seen it.

For Fiafia i would love to give a vote of 9/10 if it was not cold i would've gave the score to a 10/10 but anyway i liked it.

Tack description: we had to write 5 paragraph explaining about Fiafia and what was our favorite one was.

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  1. kia ora it looks like you had so much fun.I liked the performances.what was you favourite mine was the junior hip hop I really enjoyed reading you story