Monday, 4 April 2016

My camp experience

organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Last week all the year ⅚ went on camp, which we had on our school field i was on of them.

Have you have ever been on camp from school?

I was in the Kind crushes with Mrs Moala.

My first highlight was Skating, throwing hoops, ping pong tables and dancing. I liked playing the ping pong tables and throwing hoops.

My fave thing at camp was going to Papakura  pools where they have a wave pool (indoor) a diving pool (outdoor) and a warm pool (indoor) . I also loved our movie night where we watched Hotel Transylvania 2.

On the first night of camp i was super excited but this is what happened, at first it was nice and cool but then it got so cold all the trees were blowing hard i could not sleep very well.
In the morning we had to get out of our tents in the cold and race to the hall to have our jump jam. Guess something funny that happened….. On the second day Mr Somerville And Mr Goodwin woke everyone else up but they forgot to wake the three tents close to the big tent i was one of them, when we woke up in the morning i was laughing with my tent mates Petesa and Indiana ha ha.
I said “i think we did not go to jump jam my tent mats said “yap”.

You guys should go to camp from school or with your family I am looking forwards to the next camp It is fun.

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  1. WoW that sounds fun....i wish I could go on camp