Thursday, 21 August 2014

Eating healthy food

We have to eat lots of good healthy food for our bodies, beacase when we grow up we would get fat.

There is three things in our mouth that helps us chew that is teeth,saliver,tongue. 
We chew our food and it goes down our throat and in to our oesophagus and into our small intestine and into our large intestine which takes the food into our blood. 

If we don't eat lots of good healthy food we won't be able to do stuff like the commonwealth games they are fit, I have not seen no one in the commonwealth games that are not healthy. They are absaloutly healthy. 

It is not very good to eat packet of stuff because it might have lots of sugar, sodium, fat which is not healthy. There is a reason to not eat lots of unhealthy food so we stay healthy as we grow up.

It is very very good to eat good food like fruit, vegetables and exersize every day.

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