Monday, 11 June 2018


What do you think a leader means, or what does it mean to you? To me a leader means to step up and act your age.

Being a leader is being in charge of someone or something but not acting like you are the boss of everything. Be original and a GOOD model not a bad model. If you did not know little kid do look up-to you and they follow you, so if you lead them Not so good they will tempt to be like you and if you lead them the opposite way they will tempt to be a nice kind person just like you.

How can we step up? Stepping up is not stepping up a door step it is stepping up in your attitude and behavior. Do what you think is good cause at the end of the day you will look back and if you did something not so good trust me you will regret. So step up and lead the way.

How can we show leadership? Leadership can be shown and done in many different ways. By Showing Respect, being honest, Helping Others, Being in the right place at the right time with a right attitude, Focusing, Being kind and there is much more ways to be a leader.

Show Leadership and kindness is the key to success. Be you and you will be successful in life trust me.

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