Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion assembly!

Are you excited for school? Well today we went to immersion assembly. Mr Jacobson, Mrs Nua, Mr Sommerville, Mr Burt last but not least Mr Wiseman had performed a little song for us called Musical Madness.

This term our school topic is Musical Madness. My favorite one was team 5 because when they were sitting on the couch they were eating popcorn and watching The Lion King but with different songs.

Team four topic is about a apple music ad. All the team four teachers took turns sitting in the Driver's seat while they were jamming to different songs. The dance moves were weird but i must say that it was a pretty good.

I hope we get to listen to some music while we are doing class work. I want to know what the different materials are made from and it will be amazing to know who created different instruments.

This term i have to push myself and finish all my work because i really want to learn how to make music and how to remix songs.

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