Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Pass the parcel

Image result for pass the parcel nameOnce upon a time I was rich and I had a slave working for me. The slave once disobeyed me and told on me. I had to leave the castle and  I was homeless had no money or home. I ran far away from the castle so they didn’t notice.that I ran away from the castle i saw a village with little people in it i had to ask them if i could live in there and they said yes. So i went in it was harm so i had a break and i told them about what happen and how it started. then they got scared. She scream and shouted really loud “aaaaaaaaHHHH!!!!”.they tried to find a way out but they could let's go in here there was a monster.Lets gap it Bayreuth monster was chasing them all around and the people found their way out but it wasn’t the right way out.

The monster stop they stopped to all he wanted to do was make friends but the people didn’t trust the monster. Suddenly the slave who had disobeyed me came out from nowhere carrying a sword and a shield, “I have come for your forgiveness master” he cried as he slayed the beast. “I… will kill you for that” said the monster as it regenerated. Everyone ran away in fear and the monster ran after them. As they ran the threw things at the monster and made the monster slipped and pushed the monster away the end.

Task description: today we did a pass the parcel story. For those who do not know how this goes it goes like this. we all get in a circle and first we start by writing 1 sentence and pass your chrome book along the circle and each time you have to write a sentence and this creates a story. and this is how my story turned out to be from a rich man to a monster

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