Thursday, 28 July 2016

Imagine me in the Olymics

The patients has now come to an end. For 4 year years i have being spending all my effort on training. I have been going to the pools every day. It is now time to announce the 2016 Olympics.

The sport i will be competing in will be swimming.

Ever since i was 4 years old i use to watch Lauren Boyle. But now i will be compete just like Lauren Boyle. In swimming i will be doing freestyle for 50 meters.

If you were wondering that it is easy to compete in swimming it is not easy at all i have to dive in the water swim 50 meters without putting my legs on the floor.

Thinking of which which country i am representing... United Arab Emirates. Me competing at the 2016 Rio Olympic games is a really big opportunity because not everyone gets to go to the Olympics.

I am really looking forward to earning the gold medal for swimming. Keep watching the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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