Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space Narrative

I have been out of space for 4 days now. My Mum & Makayla Is with me. We have left this planet earth due to the pollution on earth. This is not a good thing for humans and peoples on earth. We need to move to another planet because people are dying from the pollution.

The problems are crazy our planet is polluted and we have nowhere to go, so us three are going to look for a planet. OFF WE GO! We have made a plan we will go and look for a good planet and go back to earth and get them all to the other planet.

An hour and a half later we see so much U.F.O’s heading towards. Sooner than we knew we were surrounded with U.F.O’s. We had a little place that we could go through but we had to not let it out by staring and looking at it. We changed our gear and got out through the gap. It was really hard and easy at the same time.

We wrote down a sign that we had to go to another planet and the aliens did see what was written and they left us alone. We were happy and at that time we found a good planet for us to go to.

I would not live on earth if this could last more than 3 years i will have to leave to Mars.

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