Thursday, 31 October 2019

Labour Weekend ( Maths)

This week in room 2 math we are learning to take risks in to sharing our math thinking's. In my group was Jarreka and Hope, together we managed  to find the answer to our equations.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

German Folk Dance

German Folk Dance is a traditional dance in the country named Germany. Germany is located in the European continent. Each region in Germany has their own variety of dances. Some of the most known dances are originated from Austria. In German dances the gender plays a major role because the German folk dance caused people to meet their future partner.

Well this week in room 1 part of our inquiry rotations we had the pleasure of trying the German Folk Dance. We had to get in to pairs and form a group of four. Then we had practiced the dance by watching a couple of videos about the German Folk Dance. In my group was Lucy, ThetHtar, Maria. We thought that the German Folk dance is a really different and unique dance because there is more hand movements.